June 11, 2013

Insights by David Field

It takes a village

A few weeks ago, I started reflecting on the experiences my children have had in this town. My son is graduating from Windham High this year and it was quite an interesting reflection.

My wife and I built a house here in 1990. We had two children. After Jen was born, we decided that we would use a day care. Children’s Discovery Center was our choice. So, from the age of twelve weeks until the age of twelve, our kids attended CDC.

I also remember the many teachers we met through the years. Windham Primary School, Manchester School, Windham Middle School and finally Windham High School were the educational pillars. I have probably forgotten the majority of the teacher’s names, unfortunately.

Additionally, our kids were involved in several sports from a young age. Baseball, softball, soccer, swimming, basketball, football and track were the sports they were involved in. From age five to age 18, how many coaches has each kid played for? One of the best memories I have is now town councilor Matt Noel, yelling “Alamo!” to his basketball team at several games. We didn’t understand then what he meant, but Matt’s booming scratchy voice is forever seared into my mind. That one word was to encourage the players on the court to fall back on defense and defend the basket.

My final reflection overwhelmed me. How does one thank the village? There have been so many wonderful people who have volunteered their time and some that have been paid that have influenced my children’s lives. To the people of Windham, thank you very much for being a great place to raise children.

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