June 2, 2013

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

As a Windham resident who drives through Raymond frequently, I’d like to thank last week’s author of your Letter to the Editor. As the writer correctly pointed out, the First Amendment certainly protects the business owner’s right to display partisan political rants on their business signage for all the world to see.

At the same time, I’ve often wondered how others are reacting to these radical diatribes. Personally, I am not so much offended as I am amused by a business owner’s utter disregard for civility, especially when their signage invokes analogies like “sodomized” to make some twisted political point. First of all, that is not what’s happening. Secondly, the analogy is discourteous in general to the public at large.

Does the owner have the right to express their opinions? Of course. But the First Amendment right to free speech is not all that’s at work here. Also on display are a disrespect for common courtesy, an often shocking illiteracy, a disregard for actual facts, and an absence of fundamental business sense. Why would a business owner willfully do everything in their power to offend anyone and everyone with a different point of view? Why not try to cultivate them as a customer instead?

The business sign sends a negative signal to much of the community and anyone else who uses this busy roadway. Amazingly, it’s almost like a KEEP OUT sign! But I suppose there’s one saving grace. Anyone with common sense, even if they share this ideology, would have to be embarrassed by it.

Andrew Pal


Dear Editor,

We loved the article on CATCH Healthy Habits! Thank you so much.
I thought you might like some feedback on the article.

My director from the OASIS Institute e-mailed. “Thanks, Sharon, and great job fitting in so much information, including citing the funder!"

My supervisor wrote: "Great article."

I haven't heard yet from our funder. She is usually so excited when she sees recognition for Anthem BCBS Foundation.

I received an e-mail today from a potential volunteer.
Thank you so much

CATCH Healthy Habits is the winner of the 2012 Maine Fitness Award in the Adult Category from the Governor's Council on Physical Activity. They received the Anthem Community Angels Award in 2013.

Sharon Schulberger
CATCH Healthy Habits Coordinator
Southern Maine Agency on Aging


Dear Editor,
On behalf of all the folks and patrons of the Schoolhouse Arts Center, I want to say THANK YOU for the excellent coverage you gave our Black Box Teens in the latest issue of the Eagle. The Teens just started up in the past couple of months and are preparing for their first show. This kind of support will really put the wind in their sails and help raise their enthusiasm. They have been working so hard to get their project off the ground and this will be a real boost for them.

Thanks for your support ...

Neil Ruecker
Schoolhouse Arts Center Communications Team

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