July 8, 2013

Bears, Backpacks and Blessings

Bears, Backpacks and Blessings packed a trailer to bring supplies to Oklahoma next week for families affected by the tornados that tore through Moore in May. Under the close supervision of founder Shelley Chappell, the organization raised enough money and took in enough supplies to load the trailer.

Chappell and her husband, Chris, moved to Gray recently and still own a home in the area near Moore. They know what type of destruction can happen in minutes when a tornado touches down. Shelley’s goal was to give comfort to those who now have nothing.

“Within 90 minutes we were up and running and snowballing really fast,” said Shelley. The foundation will continue, after this inaugural run to Oklahoma, providing backpacks and other gear to people affected by tragedy and devastation. Shelley feels that getting one of the care packages will help cheer up the receiver.

For more information or to donate, visit www.gofundme.com/Bears-Backpacks-Blessings.

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