November 15, 2013

Raymond Roadrunner logo created in a team effort

A new logo was completed by Tom Gumble, grounds assistant for RSU14, for the final Raymond soccer game. He creates the art work with a pencil on paper first. This is not his first creation, but it is the first where he collaborated with art students at Jordan-Small Middle School. “A fifth-grader actually chose the design,” said Gumble. After student Ellis Splettstoesser created the design, Gumble said he embellished it with the soccer ball and the word Raymond. Their mascot is the roadrunner. 

The design is only temporary and next year Gumble will create another design that will be put on the field in front of Raymond Elementary School. He guesstimates that it took at least 10 hours to create the custom design. 

“I like to mix it up and design different ones each year for the last soccer game,” said Gumble, who has worked for RSU14 for seven years. “I do it for fun,” he said.

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