December 21, 2013

REAL School's AmeriCorps of the month program honors Aileen Tschiderer

AmeriCorps of the month member: Ms. Aileen Tschiderer.

Aileen is a full-time AmeriCorps member who serves at the REAL School on Mackworth Island. Currently
Aileen heads up the school’s Teen Aspirations Program where she is responsible for helping students develop work readiness skills. Aileen works tirelessly to insure that REAL School students have the background experiences that they need to find employment and meaningful work co-op experiences.

Aileen has broadened the REAL School’s presence in the communities that the school serves and has helped our students identify their passions and interests.

Aileen is a 2012 graduate of Bowdoin College with a BA in English and Spanish. At Bowdoin, Aileen was a publicity fellow at the McKeen Center for the Common Good. Since graduation Aileen has used her considerable skills in organizational outreach. Aileen spent some time in Massachusetts as an outreach communications intern at Allstron Brighton CDC. We are now thrilled to have her serving as a National Service AmeriCorps member at the REAL School.

In the month of November, Aileen broke ground with our students setting numerous students up with interviews, college readiness programming, and outreach. Aileen has made connections with a whole variety of businesses, non-profits and civic organizations that have increased the post secondary opportunities for REAL School students. In addition to being Teen Aspirations facilitator, Aileen helped to organize multiple fundraisers, and has supported classroom activities throughout the school.

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