January 13, 2014

Literacy for ME ramps up in Windham - By Michelle Libby

Literacy for ME is a Statewide program to encourage all people to read whether it is signs or novels, all people need to be able to understand the written word. At an early literacy conference at Thomas College in Waterville attendees were told ways that literacy is used in business. Pediatricians use literacy to evaluate the level of a child and parents understanding. At Chinbro, they educated and hired 300 welders in eight weeks, non-readers wouldn’t have access to those jobs and the Maine Game Wardens are evaluated on their writing skills so their reports can stand up in court. 

“We need to do more about literacy in Windham,” said children’s librarian Laurel Parker. “We’re here for the community.” Parker is the link between the library and the businesses in town. 

In September Friends of the Windham Public Library held a dinner to involve more people in the Literacy for ME mission. Fourteen people came. Now with the help of Vicki McMullen at Mechanics Savings Bank, the co-chair of the group, they are attempting to involve more businesses. The next meeting is Friday, January 10 at noon at Mechanics Savings Bank. The goal is to develop a project to sponsor, like the jumpstart program at the primary school. 

“Literacy for ME is not just early learners,” Parker said, adding that it also means computer literacy and math literacy. They invite all community members and businesses to attend.

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