June 22, 2014

WMS 6th grader wins national investment essay contest in Maine - By Michelle Libby

On Monday morning, Emily Magoon was surprised with the news that she had won the InvestWrite Competition for the entire State of Maine. InvestWrite is part of the Stock Market Game Program sponsored by McGraw Hill Financial that teachers in RSU14 voluntarily incorporate into their curriculum. The program is for students in grades four through 12 to help develop the personal financial savvy needed to make real-world financial decisions.

The Windham Middle School sixth grader had just completed a group presentation for Aaron Vachon’s social studies class, when Elizabeth Reidel from InvestWrite came in to present Magoon with balloons, a certificate, a $100 American Express card and a trophy. Magoon’s mother, Candice Pierce, came to celebrate with her daughter and brought a “flat daddy”, a picture of Magoon’s father Staff Sergeant Peter Pierce, who is stationed in Afghanistan. 

Magoon was one of four students in Vachon’s class who did the optional essay to describe a product in her portfolio and tell about the service or products, then compare the stock to a different stock in the same area. Magoon compared McDonalds and Chipotle Mexican Grill.  The 20,000 essays were read and evaluated by financial services industries professionals, according to Reidel. 

“She loves to write,” Candice said. Magoon would like to be a novelist when she grows up. 

“I’m so excited. I really, really like writing. I’m excited I got to have this experience,” she said. 

Candice had known about the award for a couple of weeks and had a conversation with Magoon about the contest.
“What are the chances that two kids from the same school, same class, would win two years in a row?” Candice asked. Magoon doubted it, but she’s a believer now. 

“SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game and InvestWrite are transformative programs that prepare students like Emily Magoon for college, career and life while teaching them about the capital markets,” said Melanie Mortimer, Executive Director of the SIFMA Foundation. 

From Magoon’s essay:
“Chilpotle uses naturally-raised beef, chicken and pork, along with zero trans-fat frying oil…This is a very salubrious alternative to quick and easy dining when you’re on the go.” 

“One of Chipotle’s unhealthier competitors is McDonalds.  But, while McDonalds may be popular it isn’t the healthiest food choice...Personally, I feel that this is mainly because of the fight against obesity in the United Sates.”

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