October 5, 2014

Public service should not be a thankless job - By Ann LaCombe

There’s an old saying: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” But sometimes maybe you can and you should. The congregation of the Windham First Church of the Nazarene came to that conclusion recently as they were discussing people in public service. 

“So often we express our gratitude after a crisis, but really we should be letting them [public servants] know how much we appreciate their dedication in the every day,” said one church member. 

On Saturday, the 20th of September, several people who attend the church gathered up all the necessary equipment and headed to the fire station on Gray Road in Windham. Grilled chicken and steak tips along with multiple salads, breads and desserts were the fare of the day. Water, coffee and iced tea helped clean the pallet before going back for seconds and sometimes thirds and fourths.

Not only was the church able to feed those who serve out of the Windham Center location, but due to a training taking place that day, they were able to show appreciation to those just starting out in the field. Kerry Herrick and Jim Tabone took charge and made sure all ran smoothly, while Pastor Samuel LaCombe was on hand to personally thank the fire department and ask the blessing over the food.
We can never say “thank you” enough to those whose jobs require such selflessness for the public’s safety. The Windham First Church of the Nazarene just wanted to express their gratitude, in a tangible way.

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