October 5, 2014

Trust the Gray Public Library - By Josh Tiffany, MLIS

At the Gray Public Library, we constantly strive to put a smile on your face. Our newly renovated building provides space for people to explore, to contemplate, to study, or to simply exist. Our constantly expanding collection seeks to fulfill the needs and wants of every patron. And our staff is always ready with a suggestion, a smile, or the ability to decipher the inscrutable catalog. And now we’ve decided to take it one step further – we want to give you what we have before you even know you want it!
In late August, the Gray Library launched the “Trust Us” program. The program, which is currently limited to only newly released movies, allows patrons to select genres of films they enjoy watching. 

Then, as new movies are released that fit the selected genre, the item is automatically requested for the patrons with no effort on their part. All they have to do is show up, retrieve their material and enjoy!
The program came about as a result of so many of our new titles being sent around the state to fulfill other library’s requests; all the while knowing there were people who would want these titles if only they knew about them. So far the program has been met with a great degree of success and satisfaction. Many patrons enrolled in the program find coming to the library something akin to Christmas – they never know what they are going to get and frequently they leave smiling. 

As we measure the impact of the program, we are investigating expanding the format options beyond films. If things continue to work well and people are happy with the offerings, we will expand the options to include more formats than just movies. We will make it possible for that new John Grisham or Janet Evanovich book to be set aside for you before you even know it is published.

The program highlights the changes we are making at the library. We will strive to make this a more user-friendly, welcoming environment that helps aid your intellectual curiosity, no matter where it may lead. 

The Gray Public Library is located at 5 Hancock Street. Visit it online at www.gray.lib.me.us.

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