February 28, 2015

Donated truck will help with safety and efficiency - By Michelle Libby

Soon the Windham Fire – Rescue Department will be putting a new to them 2012 Ford ¾ ton truck into service. The truck that is being lettered and striped, will go on the road as soon as possible.

Last June, Kaile Warren and his longtime partner Donna Leith approached Chief Charlie Hammond about donating money to pay for a service truck for the Fire-Police division of the department to carry the cones, road barricades and other necessary equipment to block off roads. 

Historically the Fire-Police have always carried the barricades and cones in their own vehicles and trucks. 

“Fire-Police are responsible for Traffic Control at emergency scenes. They are available to both the Police and Fire Departments. Up until now they had to respond with and carry their assigned equipment in their own vehicles. They often have had to leave their own vehicle running on scene for hours to provide warning lights and temperature control,” said Chief Brent Libby.

According to Warren, the purchase of a new van for this purpose was going in the municipal budget for next year. 

“It was inconvenient and lacked efficiency,” he added. “I looked at how I could make a donation that would make the town more efficient and safer.”

Soon after Warren offered the $20,000 donation, Toby Pennels was in the accident that eventually took his life. 

Warren said he had offered the money “long before I ever thought about jumping into the State Senate race at the very last minute. I had asked Chief Hammond to keep this under wraps during the campaign, because I did not want the wrong impression, and he did.”

Warren considers this a different type of donation, and said that most people consider donations of land or to non-profits. He recommended purchasing a used truck to save the town money. The truck that was purchased has 25,000 miles and was bought at Yankee Ford. 

“I think it is important for people to consider what their towns need when thinking about gifting. This gift saves Windham Taxpayers $20,000 and it improves the overall efficiency of the fire and rescue operations. One of the most important factors in an emergency is securing the site to protect workers and the public in general. Getting traffic under control is an important process, one that will now be done more easily,” Warren said.  

“While they will still need to use their own vehicles for some of the response’s this vehicle will be able to handle many of the calls as well as carry the needed equipment to properly close a road and set up detours,” Libby concluded. “We are so appreciative for the donation!”

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