June 28, 2015

Retirement and changes in RSU14 positions for the upcoming year - By Michelle Libby

RSU14 is seeing a lot of changes to its top administrative positions now that the school year is over. Charlie Haddock is retiring from Windham Middle School where he has taught and worked at least 20 years as a teacher, assistant principal and then principal.
“I admired his ambitious agenda,” said superintendent Sandy Prince. “He’s intelligent. When I watch him with people he’s so respectful.” Other words to describe Haddock were patient, trustworthy and fair.
Haddock’s legacy for WMS will be his attempts to create a children-centered approach to get children excited about what they are learning, Prince said. A lot of that work has been done in the past two years, while Haddock was at the helm of WMS. 

Andrew Patin, former principal at Sanford Middle School will fill the position left by Haddock. Mark Jaronczyk will continue as assistant principal. 

“We had unbelievable candidates,” said Prince. Many of the applicants said that Windham was the only place they were applying, which speaks to the reputation of the school department. 

Principal Cindy Curtis is leaving Manchester School, to be replaced by Danielle Donnini, the current instructional leader/assistant principal. 

“Cindy is a great listener. She has a steadiness about her. She leads by collaboration and wants people to have input,” said Prince. She was described as strategic. She thinks and plans before she jumps into a project. She also used a lot of data to help with her projects. 

“She sees the possibility in things,” Prince said. 

Kristal Vargo-Ward will join the Manchester team as the assistant principal. 

Special education director Dr. Phil Posiatiano is leaving the RSU to take on the role of assistant superintendent at RSU21 in Kennebunkport. His replacement is Lisa Garneau from the Pittsfield area and came highly regarded, according to Prince. This was the hardest position to fill and the second most difficult job in the RSU, said Prince, but he added that it’s “very rewarding, too.” 

Pender Makin is also leaving the REAL School for a position as the assistant superintendent in Brunswick. Her assistant director Martin Mackey will take her position and Rich Meserve, a special education teacher at the REAL School will become the assistant director.

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