April 8, 2016

Windham Loan Closet looking for lost equipment - By Michelle Libby

Whether through misplacement or borrowed gear, the Windham Loan Closet next to the library on Windham Center Road, is looking for more items to help care for those who are infirmed or need the assistance of a walker or other equipment. 

“We loaned them out but have not received them back,” said Marilyn Roberge. “Loans are for six months,” she said. “Any longer they need to think about purchasing them at a store.” 

Perhaps items have been left at a loved one’s home and they are no longer in need of them, then consider donating them to the clothes closet. The closet is in need of walkers, wheeled walkers, tub benches, commodes, rollators, wheel chairs and transport chairs.

Items are cleaned after every use and are signed out to attempt to keep track of who has what equipment. The closet has a lot of items, some of which are one time use items. Call with a need and they will attempt to locate items. 

Click here to apply
Click Here to apply
“Sometimes we have an overabundance of things,” Roberge said. “Other times we only have one or two of an item.” 

To return or donate items, call 894-5999 to leave a call back number.

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