August 12, 2016

WHS campus undergoes key renovations - By Stephen Signor

As part of the RSU14 Strategic Plan and with the help of the Windham Athletic Boosters there are two major changes taking place on the high school campus. The Windham-Raymond Athletic Boosters Club is a group made up of parents and community members who work hard to raise funds to support the athletic program at Windham High School. Their efforts continue to come to fruition as is evident by the recent contributions made toward these improvements.

For starters, the popular Windham High School Eagle's Nest Concession Stand is undergoing renovations. A new extension is in progress that will stretch roughly 6 to 8 feet from the front where fans and players are known to gather. As Windham Athletic Boosters President Elaine Herzig explained on its Facebook page, “We are adding onto the front to make room. This addition will create a space for the cashier’s runners. The original space will be used for cooking and food prep. The end result will be getting rid of the congestion especially during football games.”

In addition to this, field number three the baseball field will receive a new scoreboard, replacing the one that has been there for 25 years and has outlived its usefulness. Athletic director Rich Drummond explained, “The new board is so big that it requires concrete footings to support its weight and size. Just the sign alone is 8 feet high and spans 20 feet. Unlike the old scoreboard this one will be controlled wirelessly. It will also feature an inning by inning score as seen on those scoreboards in the major leagues.” 

Drummond said he would like to see a public address system. “I would like to see that down the road but for now this type of improvement makes a statement. It is going to enhance the facilities and the program in general.”

The cost for this has been covered exclusively from fund raising. 

“The Boosters have contributed somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 to $1,500 of the total $6,500 price tag,” said Drummond. Not to be forgotten, Drummond also points out that it is worth mentioning a good portion of the remaining cost has come from donations received from Bill Bailey’s passing three years ago. “Bill was instrumental in the athletic program. His contributions were numerous and without hesitation. He was a very good man,” he said. 

The expected time for the scoreboard to be complete and fully functional is some time in the fall of this year in preparation for the 2107 baseball season that begins in April.

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