November 4, 2016

A letter of thanks to Maine DOT - From Rebecca Miller, WPS gr. 3 teacher

A letter of thanks to the Maine DOT, 

When was the last time you thanked the DOT for a job well done?  Well it was pointed out to me recently that as a Windham resident and educator, I have a very good reason to express my gratitude.
Thank you to the workers of the Maine Department of Transportation who carefully planned and executed a beautiful repair and restoration of our beloved Babb’s Bridge on Covered Bridge Road connecting Windham and Gorham.  

If you haven’t seen it, you should make a point to drive out and marvel at the craftsmanship.  It’s truly a work of art.  This precious piece of Windham history has been restored and we couldn’t be more grateful.  

Third graders at Windham Primary School study Windham’s history and, under the guidance of Mr. Walter Lunt of the Windham Historical Society, we tour the area to learn about our past. Our experience is wrapped up at Babb’s Bridge.  The students learn about the bridge’s history complete with the tragic stories of its destruction over the years; sometimes accidental, but more often it’s vandalism.  

We have been given a gift and we have to protect it!  Please help us spread the word.  Treasure this piece of our past and help preserve it for future generations of Windham and Gorham residents.

Rebecca Miller
WPS Gr. 3 teacher and
Windham resident

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