December 16, 2016

Student of the Week - Emma Rothrick

The Windham Eagle student of the week is Emma Rothrock, a seventh grader who attends Jordan-Small Middle School. The seventh grader enjoys gymnastics and skiing. 

“Sometimes people enter your life that make things better just by being there.  Their compassion and sincerity inspires change and sets an example for others.  Their maturity and awareness impacts our culture and gives cause to smile for all those around them.  We have just a person strolling through the halls of JSMS each and every day.  Emma Rothrock embodies all the qualities and virtues that we would hope to find in a young person today,” said the seventh grade teachers at JSMS.  

Emma’s greatest accomplishment is receiving first place on beam in competition. 

She has a yellow lab named Rinker and a black cat named Teddy.

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