January 20, 2017

Officer Rogers joins the Windham Police Department By Lorraine Glowczak

The Windham Police Department welcomes Devyn Rogers, as one of its newest officers. Officially hired on August 15, 2016, Rogers immediately attended the police academy, graduating on December 16. He began active duty on December 19, 2016.

“I only decided to become a police officer fairly recently,” Rogers said. “Growing up with a police officer as a parent certainly gave me a lot of exposure and helped form my decision.”
Originally from North Yarmouth, this 2011 graduate of Greely High School attended college, taking classes in both criminal justice and criminology; which increased Rogers’ interest in police work and contributed to his final decision to make law enforcement his career.

“Some advice I would give to anyone looking to pursue a career in law enforcement, is to learn to talk and communicate with people,” Rogers shared. “Being able to de-escalate a situation and get information from someone who could very well be having the worst day of their life is an invaluable skill.”

Other abilities Rogers recommends, is to not only learn the laws and rules associated with police work but also, the capability to interact with a variety of people in sometimes, very stressful situations.

When Officer Rogers is off duty, you will find him spending much of his time camping outdoors, hiking and hunting. He also enjoys working on his motorcycle and jeep.

“I am a pretty approachable guy,” Rogers stated. “I love helping people, and if there’s one thing I would like to let the community know it’s that if you see me out in Windham, please don’t hesitate to say hi.”

Rogers’ department superiors have been complimentary in regards to the new officer. “Devyn stood out among a large pool of strong applicants during his hiring process,” Chief Kevin Schofield began. “He possesses a very strong background in corrections and military experience that will suit him well with his career with Windham PD.  His scores and the feedback we received from the academy were very positive and is doing very well in his field training.  Devyn is very personable which will serve him well in his interaction with and serving the public.” 

Windham Police Sergeant Peter Fulton is proud of Rogers as well and is very pleased he is part of the department. “He’s in training right now and doing a great job,” Fulton said.

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