February 3, 2017

Student of the week: Addison Shanholtz. Congratulations!

Addison Shanholtz from Windham Primary School is The Windham Eagle’s student of the week. The eight year old is a third grade student who believes learning can be more fun when a student is given a choice in the way they get to study a subject.

“Addison loves to learn,” Mrs. Patty Raitto, one of Shanholtz third grade teachers, said. “She is a thinker and enjoys searching for the answers to her questions. Addi  holds herself to high standards and is self-directed. She works well with all of her peers and is respected for her calm, thoughtful approach to learning tasks. She looks for opportunities to extend her thinking and shares her ideas willingly in class. Addison’s kindness serves as a model for classmates.”

One of Shanholtz’s biggest accomplishments is having won two first place awards in a horse show.

Shanhotz lives in Windham, spending time with both her mom (Heather) and her dad (John.) She also gets to live with her two fish and a dog named Molly.

Favorite subject: Science is my favorite subject because it’s fun and we get to experiment.
Favorite movie: Rags
Favorite music group: Jake Owen
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Hobbies and extracurricular activities: Horseback Riding, Odyssey of the Mind

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