February 17, 2017

Windham Indoor Shooting Range opens its doors for Veterans to test drive a variety of weapons by Michelle Libby

Last Sunday, Windham Indoor Shooting Range & Retail Store (WISR) opened its doors for the American Legion Field-Allen Post 148 and all veterans who came out to test the newest in automatic rifle (AR) technology; and tour the new facility and the production facility of Windham Weaponry.
Over 20 veterans attended, including three active duty Navy men from the DDG 115 USS Rafael Peralta, who drove down from Bath in the snow, to try out the ARs. 

“It seems like a good time and not too far,” said John Giacobbe from New Hope, Pennsylvania and stationed on the Peralta. “We’ve never made it this far. It’s a really cool range.”  

The active- duty men said they had never been to a shooting event like this before. 

Each man had joined the Navy for different reasons. Nick Flaker from St. Louis, had three words as to why he enlisted, “College is expensive.” 

Tim Song from Los Angeles is looking forward to a career in the Navy. “I wanted to serve in the Navy for the military experience,” Song said. 

Each veteran who wanted to shoot was able to go into the range with a safety officer, to shoot their own weapon or one of the ones borrowed from WISR. 

After shooting the AR, Giacobbe said, “That was fun. I’ve never done full auto.”
“This is the first range I’ve been at that lets you shoot full auto,” Song said. 

Commander of the American Legion Post, Mel Greenier considered the event a success. He was hoping to attract new members to the legion to help with their mission of helping veterans. By the end of the event, one person had signed up and many applications were given out, Greenier said. 

“I haven’t shot in 30 years. I feel good, but beat up. I’m glad they provided us with the opportunity,” said VFW Commander Willie Goodman. 

The American Legion Post 148 is still accepting applications. For more information, visit: www.AmericanLegionWindhamMaine.com.

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