March 10, 2017

Student of the week - Anna DiMartino. Congratulations!

Anna DiMartino, fifth grade student from Jordan-Small Middle School, is The Windham Eagle’s student of the week. The 11-year-old enjoys participating in soccer, softball, basketball and diving into to her favorite arts and crafts projects during her free time.

“Anna DiMartino is a very responsible and respectful young person,” her teacher stated. “She is always prepared for class and participates fully. Her work is complete and it is obvious through her work she is a diligent student. She is friendly with a positive attitude and gets along well with her classmates.”  

DiMartino states that her favorite subject is math and learns best when she works in a group, going at her own pace.

Her favorite show is the History Channel.

DiMartino lives at home with her mom, dad, little sister and one brother.  

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