March 17, 2017

Student of the week: Sarah Penna. Congratulations!

Sarah Penna, third grade student from Raymond Elementary School, is The Windham Eagle’s student of the week. The 9-year-old enjoys softball, soccer, swimming, guitar and Dragon Vale.

“Sarah is a determined and dedicated student,” stated her teacher, Mrs. Cyr. “When she is unsure of something, she asks questions, and perseveres until the task is done. Sarah looks for the good in others and herself- she makes connections with friends every day, by checking in and asking how they are. She contributes to classroom learning. She is excited about school and her classmates. I can count on Sarah to do her best always, she is a passionate student.”

Penna states that her favorite subjects are math, P.E. and art and she believes playing games are one of the best ways to learn. Her favorite movie is “Zootopia.”

Penna lives with her mom, Regan, two cats, one parrot, three fish and two dogs.

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