March 3, 2017

Writers from Windham High School journalism class learn about real world writing experience. By Lorraine Glowczak

Windham High School teacher, Ryan Lowell and his first-hour journalism class invited The Windham Eagle’s managing editor, Lorraine Glowczak, to speak and share the tricks of the journalism trade as it relates to the Windham and Raymond communities.

WHS Journalism class
Returning from February vacation, the journalism students got the opportunity to not only hear about the process of creating a small-town community newspaper, but also to share their own goals and perspectives as a journalists and creative writers.

Although most of the students in the class are taking the journalism course to meet the fine art requirements expected of them for graduation; more than half have goals and career ambitions that require the ability to write and communicate effectively.

Abby Lougee, a sophomore, plans to follow her dream of becoming a lawyer. Her present area of interest is the political and social concerns within the LBGQT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer.) Lougee is already writing about this subject matter and has been invited to contribute to the Wedding Guide that The Windham Eagle publishes every spring. She has agreed to write an article for that guide this spring - to highlight issues surrounding gay marriage.

Sophomore, Liam McCusker is one of three editors of Eagle Eyes, the high school newspaper. “I joined the journalism class last semester because I wanted to discover a different perspective on writing,” McCusker explained. “I also enjoy sports, so I decided to make sports writing and editorials my focus.”

Dominique Wilson, a senior and an editor of the school paper, is passionate about politics and has written several editorials for Eagle Eyes regarding her perspective on President Trump. “My thoughts on the Trump administration are one of my greatest passions.” Wilson said.

Senior, Holden Willard is also an editor of the school paper. A professional musician who has just recorded his first album, Willard writes music reviews. “The Windham and Raymond communities have a great music scene,” Willard stated. “I enjoy letting the public know about the talented musicians and the impressive music that is happening in our area.”

Towards the end of the presentation, Mr. Lowell pointed out that a former journalism student and Windham High graduate, Daniel Kilgallon still writes movie reviews for The Windham Eagle. 

“For several years now, The Windham Eagle has given my students an excellent opportunity to get real world writing experience and make connection in their community”, Lowell said. “Writing well is an invaluable life skill, and The Windham Eagle has been a great place for my young writers to develop that skill.” 

Glowczak ended her presentation by inviting the students, who want to publish their work, to send in their article ideas to her for consideration.

The Windham Eagle is always looking for new and fresh perspectives, so be on the lookout for one of these talented students to be published soon.

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