April 28, 2017

Update on the Raymond Elementary School playground project by Lorraine Glowczak

An exciting assembly was held at Raymond Elementary School (RES) to announce the official launch of their playground project. As a reminder, RES is the recipient of the military’s Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) which will help with the building of the new improved playground space. The Maine National Guard will begin their two-week training soon, making many of the necessary improvements.
The school assembly focused on using this unique opportunity to demonstrate to the students’, their resilience and the idea that if they see something that needs change, they can be the one to make it happen.  

Thanks to a generous donation from Messer Truck Equipment in Westbrook, the children and staff
got to go home from the assembly, with a bracelet that contained the message, “Be the change".

The students and staff also demonstrated their gratitude toward the military members that will be coming to serve the town of Raymond in this fantastic project. To show their gratitude and to honor the military members who are working on this endeavor, RES will host a special event for them. 

Mark your calendars for a Community Ice Cream Social that will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, June 25.

The school will become a military base and therefore no public access will be allowed to the RES, Jordan Small Middle School or the trail system around the schools. The last days for access to these properties will be the last day of school until Sunday, July 2.

An information meeting will be held at RES on Thursday, May 4 to discuss the project and answer questions the public may have. All are welcomed to attend.

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