July 21, 2017

2017 Eagle's Choice Award! Vote today!

It’s time to nominate your favorite businesses and give them the credit they deserve by making them the Eagle’s Choice Award winner. Last year’s awards were so successful for our businesses that we can’t wait to give the honors again this year.

Perhaps in your travels you have seen the stickers acknowledging the winners from the Eagle’s Choice Awards from the last two years on the doors of area businesses. A silver and gold medallion sticker is one of the awards given out. The other recognition is a plaque. This logo has become a symbol of a trusted and reputable business in the Windham and Raymond Region. Not only has it become a reader favorite but has also become a fun competitive event in the business locations and online.

The updated awards will be given out this year at the next Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce business break on Thursday August 17 at 588 Roosevelt Trail at the Time4Printing/Windham Eagle office. 

We hope you will have fun recognizing local businesses in the area of Windham and Raymond and surrounding towns with your vote. 

“It is community members voting for local community business,” said Kelly Mank, publisher of The Windham Eagle. “Get your vote in today!”

There are two ways to vote: Online or by stopping by our offices between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and filling out a ballot. 

Online voting has already begun and will end on Wednesday, August 2. They are multiple categories of which 20 or more businesses have to be filled out to count. 

The link to the online voting is: www.thewindhameagle.com/awards

Be sure to keep an eye out for the August 18 edition of The Windham Eagle for a special section highlighting the top two in each category. This is a great piece to save as a future reference for area business contacts.

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