October 6, 2017

Sebago Lake Anglers’ Togue Derby sets new record

In the three years we have held the Sebago Lake Togue Derby, hundreds of fish have been caught, weighed and measured.   The 2017 Derby was the first time we have had a fish turned in that legally exceeded the 33 inch slot limit for Togue,” said Bob Chapin, President of Sebago Lake Angler’s Association.  On Sunday September 10, Robert Spindler submitted the winning fish which weighed 14.33 pounds and was 33.25 inches long. If you can believe a fisherman, Mr. Spindler caught the fish in the “gut” between Frye’s Island and Raymond Cape while drifting, not trolling, a T-4 Flatfish lure in Tiger Stripe colors between 60 and 80 feet of water. Mr. Spindler knew right away he had a good fish so he did not “horse it in” but carefully reeled it in close to the boat then netted the trophy fish. Congratulations Bob Spindler! The overall results of the derby, by category, which was run out of beautiful Point Sebago over two sun-filled days, were as indicated below. Top 10 finishers won cash plus prizes:

1. Robert Spindler, 2. Buddy Kearny, 3. Ryan Kovats, 4. Bruce Hoyt, 5. Keagon Leighton, 6. Peter James, 7. Roger Dupre, 8. Tom Bachagalupo, 9. Joe Devito 10. Jeremy Trainor     
Women’s Category: 1.Eliza Walker, 2. Madeline Faragon

Our early bird registrant Emily Faragon, won a $100 gift certificate to Cabela’s and the largest fish on Saturday - Buddy Kearny at 4.43 pounds and 22.25 inches - held up to take second place overall. All registered fishermen took home a Derby T-Shirt printed by Gazabo T-Shirts and those who stayed for the awards ceremony all took home gift bags of decals, fishing lures, hats and more.  The wind, for which Sebago Lake is notorious for in the afternoon, started rising Saturday morning, and then about 11 a.m. mysteriously laid down, making the fishing safe and comfortable for all both days.  Those fishermen, who took advantage of the special package that Point Sebago offered, had:  overnight accommodations, boat launch and docking privileges as well as gourmet meals each evening. Friday night was Italian buffet and Saturday night offered steamed lobster and sliced roast beef all for $149/pp double occupancy. Many thanks to our generous sponsors—please consider supporting them through your purchases.  Join the Derby again next year, same place, same time; always the weekend after Labor Day. To join the Sebago Lake Anglers Association to participate in year-round activities, call 571-2171700 or 207-310-1435 or visit the web page at sebagolakeanglersassn.com for more info.

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