November 10, 2017

Opportunities abound for young people to gain experience at the State House by Senator Bill Diamond

One of my top priorities as a state senator is to always be available to my constituents. My “open door” policy extends to everyone in our district, whether they agree with me all the time or not. I keep this policy not only because it’s my job to represent all the people and businesses in our part of the state, but because I believe that open, accessible public officials are critical to our system of government.

That openness extends not just to adults, but to young people too. In Maine, we value the ideas and passion of our youth, and I have always believed in the importance of youth involvement in the legislative and state government process.

Young people in our state must know that government belongs to them too, and they have a right to get involved. They have just as much right to reach out to me with their concerns and ideas as any grown-up does. But they also have some unique opportunities to learn more about our government, and even to participate. 

As I do every year, I’d like to encourage local kids to visit the State House this spring and see your government in action first-hand. You can visit with your family, or ask your school or extracurricular group to set up a tour. 

For those with a keen interest, I also encourage participation in the Maine Senate’s Honorary Page Program. I invite any local, honor roll students to take advantage of this unique opportunity to, not only observe the state’s legislative process, but to participate in it. Pages are the people who keep the Senate running smoothly, no matter how busy things get. 

As an Honorary Page, students are on the ground level of the Legislature — literally. They spend the day on the floor of the Maine Senate, delivering messages, distributing legislative amendments and supplements within the Chamber, interacting with senators and, most importantly, taking part in a real-world, hands-on legislative experience. 

If you or a young person you know are interested in participating, contact my office at (207) 287-1515. I would be happy to host any local student at the State House.

YMCA’s Maine Youth in Government is another program for high school students that allow our young folks to experience Maine state government. In a sort of “mock Legislature,” participants have the opportunity to draft bills, run for leadership and use the actual House and Senate Chambers at the Capitol for a weekend to debate and discuss their proposed legislation.’s not too soon to start thinking about participating in next year’s Youth in Government Program. You can visit for more information.

 Our children will be the voters, community leaders and elected officials of tomorrow. An educated
public can have an immense and profound impact on state government. With the right tools, every citizen — no matter how young — can make a difference.

As always, I’m ready and willing to listen to my constituents. Please feel free to contact me at or (207) 287-1515, if you have questions or comments.

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