December 23, 2017

An interview with Santa Claus by Matt Pascarella

Christmas is only a few days away and Santa is busy preparing for his big night. I sat down with Kris Kringle to see if he is ready for his most important flight of the year, to see how the reindeer are doing and if he has any advice for his arrival on Christmas Eve.

Santa, how are you preparing for the big day?

I have been preparing for the big day for many months now. Many people think that Christmas
season is only a few weeks in December, but I spend most of the year preparing for Christmas. I do get January to rest from the Big Night but then it’s back to getting ready for next year. All thanks goes to my wonderful elves in the preparation for Christmas. Without them I would have an empty bag and broken-down sleigh.

Are the elves still hard at work or have they finished making toys?

The elves are in full production mode right up to Christmas Eve. They usually finish all toy production on Christmas Eve and we have a huge celebration before I take off for the Big Night.  People always wonder why we don’t finish before Christmas Eve and I tell them it’s because the elves enjoy the season so much that they would not want to stop even if they could.

How are the reindeer looking? Are they ready to go?

The reindeer have spent much of the off season resting and enjoying time with each other. They developed a new reindeer game this year. I can’t seem to figure it out, but it looks like they lift a bag filled with corn onto their antlers and toss it at a board with a hole in it. Seems to keep them busy for hours.

Since it’s your busiest night of the year, does Mrs. Claus make you any special treats before you go?

Mrs. Claus is the most wonderful woman in the entire world. She not only cooks me a wonderful high carb meal for dinner on Christmas Eve, but she also packs me a goody-bag just in case the trip from house to house gets too long without cookies. I could not be Santa without her by my side.

What advice do you have for children coming to visit you and what should children be doing in preparation for your arrival?

When you come to visit me in the mall or at a local event, please remember to bring your lists! I love receiving lists from children when I see them face to face. One word of caution when you see me: Do not pull on Santa’s beard as I am very old and my hair falls out fast and grows slowly. I have spent a long time perfecting my beard. For those children that leave out cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, I say, “Thank You.” Each year you get more creative and the treats are AMAZING.  

My biggest wish for this year is to remind children that the Christmas Spirit and the Christmas Magic depends on all of you. As you drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve, think happy thoughts and make happy wishes for the coming year. Make a wish for a family in need or think of a way to help a fellow human being. I will take care of the hard work.
I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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