December 15, 2017

Portland Water District Trustees approve $43.6 million budget for 2018

Recently the Portland Water District’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved, nine votes to zero (one abstention), a combined $43.6 million water and wastewater operating budget which represents a 3.8% increase over 2017. 

Much of the increase is related to infrastructure maintenance and improvements including water main replacement and wastewater treatment plant upgrades. In addition, for the first time in eight years, new staff positions are being added to provide expanded wastewater pretreatment services, meet development demands, and implement a new information technology system.   

Also, a $19.3 million capital improvement plan was approved.  The plan allocates $8.7 million in water treatment and distribution system upgrades and $5.5 million in wastewater collection and treatment facility projects.

The budget assumes a mid-year water rate increase of 3.8%, which is estimated to add an additional $0.79 to a typical monthly water bill. In coming months, the Board will consider a water rate increase. This does not affect wastewater rates, which are determined by local municipalities.

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