December 8, 2017

Windham Christian Academy students and staff offer a live nativity for community by Matt Pascarella

Students, Caleb Cormie (Joseph) and Brianna Johnson (Mary)
The performance told the story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph with elaborate handmade and decorated scenery on Thursday, November 30 through Saturday, December 2 at the Windham Christian Academy. 
Although initially an outdoor event, expected wind and rain moved the live nativity indoors.
The viewing groups were led station by station, as the story of Jesus was read by the Windham Academy elementary school children and acted out by members of the staff, parents and students. 

The performance ended with the innkeeper, shepherds, angels and wise men all joining Jesus, Mary and Joseph under a manger. As an added effect, it briefly snowed while “Hark the Herald Angel Sings” played.

Principal Jackie Sands, who organized the event said, “[I] thought the idea of showcasing the meaning of Christmas through a live nativity was beneficial to the community. It was something different that hasn’t been done around Windham.” 

She also felt it was very beneficial getting the children involved. “My favorite part is, hands down, the elementary kids reading the biblical story; their voices are very sweet . . . very ‘Charlie Brown Christmas’-like.”
Amber Sands, a student who played a shepherd, said it was important to be a part of the live nativity, “[So] people [can] know more about what happened to Jesus.” 

Another student, Emily Willings, who played the role of a Shepard, said it was important for her to be a part of the live nativity, “So people will learn about Jesus.”

Principal Sands hopes the live nativity is something Windham Christian Academy can carry on each year and she hopes it gets bigger and grows as a performance.

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