May 11, 2018

Raymond Fire and Rescue Awards recognitions

Glen Gisel (L) with Chief Tupper
The Raymond Fire and Recuse Department is pleased to announce the individuals who have been recognized for the exceptional contributions to the community and to the department in a recent annual awards banquet.

This year’s Chief’s Award has been awarded to Firefighter Wayne Jones. The award is presented to a member who demonstrates continuous excellence in service and support of the department in emergency and non-emergency function. Firefighter Jones was selected because of his dedication to the service, his professionalism and integrity.

Jones mentors others in the department and working to improve efficiency assuring equipment is always in order, ready to go and that members are challenged and armed with proper information. He does so with a unique ability and style. EMT of the Year Award was proudly presented to Taylor Duncanson, for her dedication to improve EMS services in Raymond. Exemplifying a “get it done attitude” and leadership qualities even through some of the most challenging situations.

The Firefighter of the Year Award was presented to Paramedic Firefighter Brian Pond, who also serves as a member of the department’s training team. Pond focuses on improving the department through modern methods of instruction, implementing training programs and furthering his own education so as to help others become better providers.

 Recognized with a Community Service Award for support of the department were Glen and Judy Gisel of Downeast Sharpening in Raymond, who often take in fire department equipment for repairs and parts.

The Chief Reginald Brown Community Service Award was presented to Great Northern Docks for their generous donation of a new dock for the fire rescue boat slip on Sebago Lake. Jane Jordan Community Service Award is presented to a citizen annually who exemplifies the spirit of Lt. Jane Jordan, in the spirit of her dedication in volunteering to make our community a better place for all. This year the award was presented to the Betty McDermott family for all their years of dedicated volunteerism in and with the town.

Thank you to all this year’s recipients and all who support the Raymond Fire and Rescue Department.

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