June 15, 2018

Windham Christian Academy 2018 graduates

Jacob Morton

Jacob has been attending Windham Christian Academy on and off since the fifth grade. This year, he played soccer and was captain of the varsity basketball team. Jacob is hoping to continue to be involved in basketball in some way, whether coaching, journalism, or even sports medicine.

Katie Willard

Katie started attending Windham Christian Academy part time in the third grade and began full time in the fifth grade. Katie played soccer, was a flutist in our band, and was part of our SALT leadership team. Katie was named our Salutatorian and plans to attend St. Joseph's college in the fall.

Amanda Huang

Amanda started attending Windham Christian Academy in the fourth grade. Amanda has gotten involved in whatever she could from soccer to basketball, to band to acting in our play. Throughout all of this, her academic achievements earned her the title of Valedictorian. Amanda plans to attend Husson University in the fall. 

Tyler Homer

Tyler began attending Windham Christian Academy part time in the second grade. He enrolled full time in the sixth grade. He is looking for a career featuring machinery and has an interest in prop design. Tyler is considering attending Southern Maine Community College in the fall.

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