June 15, 2018

Windham High School graduates 121st class by Michelle Libby

On Sunday afternoon, June 10th at Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, 235 students from Windham High School crossed the stage to receive their high school diplomas.

“Today’s ceremony is a celebration for all of our graduates. This rite of passage is both a solemn and joyous occasion; it marks the successes and struggles that each student has met while at Windham High School,” was printed in the graduation program. This was exemplified in each student who sat on the stage with different colored stoles, a variety of pins signifying achievements and honors, colorful cords and medals earned at sporting events.

The guest speaker was George McCrillis, a volunteer, coach and mentor for many of the athletes at Windham High. He spoke about his experiences volunteering with various organizations and meeting important people there, including presidents.

Speeches were given by salutatorian John Burnell, Logan Cropper, Danielle Meader, Elizabeth McBride and valedictorian Dominic Agneta. They spoke of the past, present and future of the class of 2018. And Agneta, along with his three sisters, thanked Tony, his dog, for his support. In a moving number, the senior choir sang “Live for Tomorrow”.

Principal Christopher Howell, who was attending his last graduation as principal, before moving to the central office as assistant superintendent, presented the class of 2018 and distributed the diplomas. He was joined by superintendent Sandy Prince, RSU 14 School Committee vice-chair Diana Froisland, vice principals Deborah McAfee and Philip Rossetti.

The class of 2018 traveled to Thomas College for Project Graduation fun.

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