November 16, 2018

Sen. Diamond: "Ranked-choice voting is the law. We have a responsibility to follow it."

AUGUSTA — Earlier this week, Congressman Bruce Poliquin filed a lawsuit against Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap regarding the implementation of ranked-choice voting in his tight congressional race with Jared Golden. In the complaint, Poliquin cited out-of-context remarks made by former Secretary of State and current State Senator Bill Diamond of Windham to support this complaint.

In response to the lawsuit, Sen. Diamond released the following statement:

“It has come to my attention that Congressman Poliquin has referenced me in an attempt to support his lawsuit against the Secretary of State. Having run statewide elections in Maine for eight years, I've had a unique experience with all aspects of voting and elections in general. Therefore, my experience told me that there was a potential for logistical problems with implementing RCV. Even though I have specific concerns with ranked-choice voting, I want to be very clear: Ranked-choice voting is now state law. It ought to be followed. Secretary Dunlap and his staff are doing a superb job following the law as written and the people of Maine can rest assured and be confident in the sanctity of their votes.”

Sen. Diamond served as the Maine Secretary of State from 1989-1997. In the Maine Senate, he currently represents the people of Windham, Raymond, Standish, Casco, Baldwin and Frye Island. Sen. Diamond also serves on the Legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and Government Oversight Committee.

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