April 19, 2019

Bill to support veterans’ organization was signed into law by Governor Mills

Local veterans with Governor Mills and Rep. Bryant
A bill sponsored by Rep. Mark Bryant was signed into law last Friday, April 12. With the support and help from Senator Diamond, Rep. Corey and Rep. Ordway – the delegation worked together on LD 131 to help veterans’ organizations succeed in their fundraising efforts.

These organization are now exempt from obtaining a commercial beano hall permit when renting out facilities to organizations already registered to conduct beano or bingo games.

The amendment clarifies that a charitable, educational, political, civic, recreational, fraternal, patriotic, 24 religious or veterans’ organization that seeks to obtain a registration to conduct "beano" or 25 "bingo" must be a bona fide nonprofit organization.   

In a previous press release, Rep. Bryant explained the importance of this amendment.  “Veterans organizations are able to organize events and support charitable causes by hosting fundraising events throughout the year. Beano or bingo games are a major way that these organizations are able to meet their fundraising goals,” Bryant stated at the public hearing regarding this bill. “Requiring veterans’ organizations to pay both a fee to conduct beano events and a fee to host beano events is redundant and this redundancy takes away from their core mission to support Maine veterans, their families and the local community.”

Many veterans’ organizations rely on beano games in order to fundraise for charities and local events commemorating Memorial Day and Veterans Day. This bill would allow these groups to maximize their funds for their charitable, community-building work.

Thanks to Bryant, Diamond, Corey and Ordway – veterans’ organizations can now work towards their core mission with more ease.

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