April 17, 2020

Director of the Presumpscot Regional Land Trust shares family field trip experience

Rachelle Curran Apse, Director of the Presumpscot Regional Land Trust, shares a family outdoor field trip as part of her kids "homeschool" learning and essential outdoor exercise.

The homeschooling adventure included an outdoor trip to the Black Brook Preserve in Windham and had the whole trail to themselves. “We tried a new scavenger hunt and rolled logs to look for animals (please make sure to roll the logs back),” Apse said. “We found millipedes, centipedes, sowbugs, and the big exciting find was red-backed salamanders (they breathe through their skin so please don't touch them). The migrating birds are coming back so we will add that to our learning next.”

Tobin and Mara Apse observe larve in a decaying tree stump

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