April 2, 2021

Raymond Village Library Birdhouse Raffle under way

Colorful birdhouses built by Bob Grimm are being
raffled off during April as a fundraiser for the
Raymond Village Library.
By Briana Bizier

If you’re looking for signs of spring this April, you don’t need to go any further than the Raymond Village Library. While the season’s bright green leaves and colorful flowers might still be weeks away, the library’s shelves are filled with a cheerful and eclectic collection of birdhouses waiting to welcome their new residents.

The birdhouses were constructed by Raymond Village Library trustee Bob Grimm. “Bob is a Maine Woodcarvers Association Board member and was one of our featured artists hosted by the Raymond Arts Alliance this past year,” Library Director Allison Griffin said. “Bob donated his time and materials to construct the birdhouses, which were then distributed to volunteers to design and decorate.”

Originally, the library hoped to have twenty birdhouses available for the spring raffle. That number has now grown to 27 as local artists contributed their own creations to the growing collection on display in the Raymond Village Library. This birdhouse bonanza now includes painted gourds, snowman-shaped creations, a birdhouse farm stand, a cozy home shingled with shiny pennies, and even a miniature replica of the Raymond Village Community Church.

Each of the beautiful birdhouses will be raffled off this weekend on April 4. Hopeful birdhouse owners can purchase raffle tickets for $1 each or six for $5. Tickets can be purchased in person at the library, over the phone, or online at 
http://www.raymondvillagelibrary.org/birdhouse-raffle. Each of the beautiful birdhouses can also be viewed online, and Raymond residents can request curbside pickup or home delivery of their winning birdhouse.

Children’s librarian Karen Perry has even included the library’s youngest patrons in the birdhouse festivities. Last month, young readers had the opportunity to take a small wooden birdhouse home and decorate it however they wished.

These youthful birdhouses are now on display in the children’s area of the Raymond Village Library. Visitors to the children’s area can vote for their favorite creation by placing a cheerful bird sticker on the paper “tree” behind each birdhouse.

Perry has created several categories for voting, including “unusual,” “realistic,” “sci-fi,” “colorful,” “historical,” and “book-inspired.” Raymond Village Library’s Facebook page includes both pictures and a video of all the creative kid creations on display.

These avian adventures are a new fundraiser for the Raymond Village Library, which is partially funded by the town of Raymond and dependent on donations and creative fundraising opportunities to sustain their annual budget. The library’s programs and services, such as their weekly children’s activity kits and monthly book club meetings on Zoom, would not exist without the generous support of their community.

This spring’s birdhouse raffle has connected local artists and community members, given children an opportunity to express themselves as they decorate their own miniature birdhouses, and raised funds to support ongoing programs at the Raymond Village Library. It’s also brought color and creativity to the dreary days of early spring, and it’s even given the birds a reason to be grateful for their local library. 

Please visit http://www.raymondvillagelibrary.org/birdhouse-raffle to view to birdhouses or to purchase tickets for the raffle. <

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