March 14, 2013

Insights by Kelly Mank

This is my third issue of The Windham Eagle and I cannot express enough the feelings that people have passed on to me.  People I have never met have expressed well wishes and thank yous for bringing Windham and Raymond its first community newspaper in a long time.  This is so important to me as I live in Windham and am proud of it; that is how I want my kids to be, my neighbors to be, and the school system to be - where I send my kids.

What makes The Windham Eagle?  We have both a community plan and a business plan.

The community plan is just that – A Community Plan:

It is a newspaper centering on RSU 14 – thus our delivery to Windham and Raymond.  Our focus is not spread thin across multiple communities and school districts – it’s about a tight knit group of people who have a common interest.  Our team, at The Windham Eagle, live, work, and breathe this community. We are Windham and Raymond, Maine.

The business plan is just that – A Business Plan:

We’re all about Windham and Raymond businesses being able to sustain and thrive by having a medium that actually gets delivered to every home and business in Windham and Raymond thru a special postal program.  You do not have to pick up our newspaper, subscribe to it or request it in any way – It’s just in your mailbox on Friday - how is that for real circulation numbers.  We do have a growing number of drop spots for out-and-about readers as well.

We will be providing The Windham Eagle not only in traditional newspaper form, but also on the Internet in a variety of different ways to address multiple reader preferences.  Some of our online products will be interactive so you, the reader, can comment back and participate in the molding of our future in Windham and Raymond.  Some of these interactions will be used for future story ideas as well as Letters to the Editor and placed in the print edition.

We do not try to pretend to be a daily –that’s a different community model; it’s a different business model.  We are Windham and Raymond, Maine and RSU 14 and I am proud of it.

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