May 13, 2013

Insight by Michelle Libby

Help create a summer playlist for The Windham Eagle

Have you ever heard the phrase “music soothes the savage beast?” Music can sooth, ramp you up, make you pensive and put you in a good mood. Why is this and how do we know which songs have that effect on us?

When creating a playlist, what do you look for? My music library looks like an eclectic collection ranging from Pitbull to Barry Manilow, Toby Keith to relaxation music with no words. Does a thumping bass make a song or is it the words that speak to your soul.

Music is such an individual pastime. No one will like every type of music or even every song on their playlist depending on the time of day and what’s going on.

I married a country music lover. At that point I had listened to a little Garth Brooks, but I couldn’t and still can’t listen to the twangy country music. I heard something someone said about country music and that has stuck with me since. Country music tells a story. You can understand the words and it’s not the same thing repeated over and over. As an author, I get that now. Melissa Lawson’s “What if it all Goes Right” was from the television show “Nashville Star” and Toby Keith’s “How do you Like Me Now” always make me think about success and making decisions that can change your life.

Every summer, I think about what I want on my playlist to listen to on the beach, on the boat or blasting in the car as I drive with the windows rolled down. Just scrolling through my library, I’m realizing I need some new tunes to jam to. Any suggestions? I’m looking for feel good, upbeat summer music to create a new playlist. Go to our website at or on Facebook to chime in with your favorite summer songs.    

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