May 5, 2013

Insights by Michelle Libby

I’ve been back from my romance writing conference less than a week and one of the big things that helped me learn at the conference was lists of items about a presentation. Whether the topic was promotion, writing great characters or how to get a novel published, a list of topics was a great way to catch the ears of overtired attendees. 

Maybe it’s because I like lists. I like to make them and I love to cross things off them. Every Wednesday I start the day with a list of items that must be completed before the paper wings off to the printer. I take great delight in crossing off the finished stories. 

So, I thought a list of reasons to read The Windham Eagle was in order…just in case you needed more reasons. 

10. Find a new recipe. Our Foodie Fare column comes out every other week (this is an other week). If you missed any of the great treats Brian Rounds has written about, check out 

9. Test your mind with Sudoku! Studies show that when you do activities like Sudoku and crossword puzzles you keep your brain fit and firing on all cylinders.

8. Community calendar. Want to know what’s going on and who to support while having a yummy dinner? Also, find out about obscure holidays for a good chuckle. 

7. Classifieds. Need a pool table? A Big Foot toenail collection? We might have that. Personal for sale listings and yards sale listings are free.

6. Look to see if you know anyone in the newspaper. (Other than in the Cop Shop.) 

5. Check out the awesomely designed advertisements by our own in-house designers and see who’s offering what services and discounts. 

4. Keep up to date on all Windham High School sports. 

3. Read columns from professionals and citizens from around our community. They will educate and entertain readers of all ages.

2. Where else can you get a weekly dose of good, positive news and entertainment?

1. Read The Windham Eagle because it is your local community newspaper that cares about the people in Windham and Raymond, and cares enough to have it delivered right to you on Fridays. No one else can say that.

P.S. Thanks to Tiffanie for her top ten reasons that helped compile my list.


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