May 13, 2013

RSU 14 grades explained by Michelle Libby

The six schools that are a part of RSU 14 earned a C grade overall in the first report card received by the Maine Department of Education and Governor Paul LaPage. Each school except for Windham Primary received letter grades based on data collected over the last three years. The schools were scored on a bell curve. All principals were invited to a webinar to explain the grading process. Schools housing grades kindergarten to third did not receive grades since third-graders are the only ones who take standardized tests.

“We will use the information to continue to move our grades forward,” said WPS Principal Dr. Kyle Rhoads. He also mentioned that when graded on a bell curve, some schools have to be in the middle of the curve. “Not that we want to settle for that,” he said.

Windham High School received a C. Their grades were calculated on the percentage of students meeting the standard on the SAT in math and reading, the average percentage of who meet the standard on the Maine High School Assessment for the past three years in math and reading and the most recent graduation rates. Schools are required to have 95 percent of its students participating in the state assessment or risk an automatic F.

Windham Middle School received a C. Its grade was based on student proficiencies in math and reading on the NAEP test given in the fall of 2012. Growth was also measured by students below the 25th percentile.
“Without even considering the report card value, we remain committed to improving achievement and learning opportunities for all students,” said WMS Principal Charlie Haddock.

Manchester School received a D. Its grade was based on math and reading proficiency of all students, growth factors that compare test results from multiple years as well as growth in the 25 percent lowest performing students, according to Manchester Principal Cynthia Curtis. 

“Our letter grade…shows areas in which we are doing well, and it highlights areas in which we need to improve. Of course, we all understand that one grade doesn’t tell the whole story,” said Curtis.

Jordan-Small Middle School and Raymond Elementary Schools also received C grades. RES was given a grade because the school also houses fourth grade.

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