June 11, 2013

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor
I usually don’t get too worked up about what I read in letters to the editor, but I just read the unsigned letter to the editor chastising a Raymond business owner for using the word “sodomized” on a public sign. Really? In this day and age when you hear and see explicit crude language, if not see the visuals, in every type of media and in all sorts of public places, this person is whining about the use of the word “sodomized”?

The insult of the sign owner in the last paragraph is a hint of his/her real reason for writing – I am guessing but I'd say she doesn’t agree with the sign owner’s points of view and wants him silenced. It is easy to defend the rights of those we agree with. Not as easy to defend the rights of those we don’t. I say shame on this letter writer for attacking one of our citizen's constitutional freedoms.

Signed proudly in the spirit of the First Amendment,
Rene Noel, Jr.

Dear Editor,
This June 21-23 marks a very special milestone in our community- the 25th anniversary of the Windham Chamber Singers. Alumni will be attending from all over the country to celebrate 25 years of friends and beautiful music.

As a former Windham Chamber Singer, I am assisting in the coordination of the 25th anniversary festivities.  There are more than 300 WCS alumni to locate in preparation for reunion weekend. I invite anyone interested in attending to contact me at Janelle.losciuto@gmail.com.

There will be a WCS Alumni concert on Saturday, June 22nd at the Windham Performing Arts Center. Please join us as we celebrate 25 years of music making in a community that has always supported us.

Janelle LoSciuto
Windham High School Class of 2002

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