July 13, 2013

Windham Rotary garden Club back in business by Senator Gary Plummer

The Windham Rotary Garden Club was formed in 1987 as part of the Windham 250th Anniversary celebration, and continues to this day. It has no dues, no regular meetings and no ongoing membership list. The only two members of that original group, who have continued to plant every year, are Ann Paquin and Gary Plummer (They are kneeling in the picture).

The sole purpose of this entity is to plant the flowers in the islands of the rotary at Fosters Corner (the intersection of Route 302 and Route 202). Over the 26 years of existence, there have been many dozen members. In order to become a member, all a person has to do is show up on planting day with a trowel and help plant the flowers. Initially the flowers were grown by June and Richard Hawkes in their greenhouse on Windham Center Road. After they closed their greenhouse, Harry Carlin of the River Road stepped up and provided the flowers. A few years ago, the town council eliminated the funding, which only covered the cost of the flowers.

At that point, I polled several of our workers and found that they loved to plant flowers, but had no desire to fundraise so that we could do it. I reluctantly reported this decision to the town council during public participation. When I returned home that evening, there were two messages on my answering machine.

One was from George Hall of Hall Implement Company, letting me know that he valued the flowers at the rotary and he would be willing to donate to see this project continue.

The second call was from Joe Gagne, owner of Roosevelt Trail Nursery, telling me that he would provide the flowers free of charge.

I was pleased that the Rotary Garden Club was back in business. Ever since that time, Roosevelt Trail Nursery has supplied the flowers and Hall Implement Company has provided the mulch. All that was needed was the labor to do the planting, which happens at the annual meeting of the Rotary Garden Club.

Senator Gary Plummer represents Maine Senate District 12 which Maine Senate representing District 12 which includes the Cumberland County towns of Casco, Frye Island, Raymond, Standish, and Windham as well as the York County town of Hollis.

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