August 9, 2013

Insight - Making time for family - By Michelle Libby

Our time is crunched every day. There is always something to do, laundry, cooking, dishes, work, catching up on Facebook. The problem comes when we spend too much time on the mundane tasks of life and not enough time making memories with our children and families.

I am one of those people who catches up on Facebook. I see some of my friends making memories with their children, hiking mountains, swimming, spending time at the beach and at camp.

This is the first summer that I have realized that my children aren’t getting any younger. My oldest is getting ready for her last year of high school, then she’ll head off to college. The time I have left to create memories and to show her what’s important in life is rapidly dwindling. There are only a few weeks left of the summer of 2013. The back to school supplies are out and every day we are reminded that time, she’s a passing.

This week I made a choice to take some time to spend with my husband in New Hampshire, it was less than 24 hours, but it meant a lot to him. (So he said.) It’s those memories we’ll have to remember.

Happy memory making!

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