August 30, 2013

Windham Town Council meeting recap - By Elizabeth Richards

The Windham Town Council met on Tuesday.  During the public participation segment of the meeting, Dennis Marcotte of Westbrook, the vice co-chair of the Archangel Committee, announced the 25th anniversary celebration of this sister city project, which will be held at Westbrook Middle School on November 18, starting at 3 p.m.  His intent in speaking to the council was to invite members of the Windham community to attend.

Another issue presented during the public participation portion of the meeting was that of fireworks usage.  Phyllis Dumont brought the issue forward once again.  She has spoken to the council before about this issue, and said that one argument given against having a fireworks ordinance is that it would be difficult to enforce.  She said there are people who will never set off fireworks, those who will do it no matter what rules are in place, and a group of people in the middle.  “The more disincentives that you have against fireworks, the fewer people will set them off,” she said.  She added that just because it’s difficult to enforce doesn’t mean the town shouldn’t try.

Lynn Gull, who lives in the same neighborhood on Woldbrook Drive, also spoke about the issue, stating that it’s difficult to listen to the noise, which occurs late at night, long after 10 p.m.  She said that she doesn’t call the police, but looks to the council to address the problem.  She encouraged the council to go back and review the issue and rethink their position on a fireworks ordinance.

During Councilor comment, Chairman Matthew Noel addressed Ms. Gull to urge her to call the police when fireworks issues were occurring.  The police are who would enforce the ordinances, and who can enforce the state laws, he said.  The police need to know when there are disturbances happening and potential illegal activity so that something can be done as the current law permits, he said.

During the town manager’s report, Manager Tony Plante said there will be a special untelevised meeting of the council on September 5. This will be an executive session for the sole purpose of meeting with the library director candidate.  

Plante discussed public works paving and road work.  Windham Center Road has been tested and there are areas of the new paving that do not meet specifications so that work will be redone.  Announcements of road work are made on the town website as well as the Town of Windham Maine Facebook page.  

Plante also reported that he received a letter of resignation from planning director Brooks Moore, who will be moving on to a job as a development officer at Avesta Housing.  Moore’s final day will be September 19.  A search process will begin for the planning director position, which is appointed by the manager subject to council confirmation.

Other council business included a vote to waive the town’s policies around the disposal of surplus property to allow the sale of surplus vehicles at auction, which passed unanimously.  Discussions were held on new proposed building fee schedules and on North Route 302 Road Improvement Impact Fees.  The public can access agendas, minutes and watch the recorded meeting on the town website at

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