July 20, 2014

New turnpike signs will direct drivers to Windham

Local Legislators Worked with Transportation Committee to Increase Visibility of Town
WINDHAM – Senator Gary Plummer (R-Cumberland) and Representative Tom Tyler (R-Windham) are pleased to announce that as part of the Maine Turnpike Signage Plan, the Town of Windham will be named on the Turnpike signs at Exit 63. 

Windham will not be added to the directional signs right away. It will happen as part of the overall turnpike signage update program. 

Senator Plummer said, “Even with the widespread use of GPS devices, having Windham named on these signs will be very significant to both businesses and residents.” 

The two Windham legislators have worked closely with the Legislature’s Transportation Committee to assure that this change will happen. They participated behind the scenes with Representative Wayne Parry (R-Arundel) who serves on the Transportation Committee and grew up in Windham.

Senator Plummer said, "Wayne is great to work with.” Although he moved away from Windham many years ago, he still has family here and always looks out for our interests.”

Tyler stated, "It is sometimes difficult to stay on top of all issues that must be handled by each of the 16 joint standing committees. Wayne never hesitated to sit down with Gary and me to discuss this, or any other transportation issues. As someone who has owned and worked for businesses in this town all of my adult life, I am pleased that we have been able to help make this happen for Windham.”

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