December 14, 2014

Channel 7 - one year into program changes - By Brad Saucier

Hello, here's hoping you and yours happy holidays and good wishes for the coming holiday season and New Year.  Here at TV7, your local station for news, local events and, for the last year, community programming, we are continuously looking for new and outstanding ways to use our airwaves (your airwaves) for excellent communication and now entertainment.  
This season, TV 7 would like to showcase your favorite thing about Christmas and the holidays.  These personal stories, statements, past or present, can be anything from your love of snow and what you like to do in it, to a story about the "true meaning" of the holidays in your opinion.  Do you have a favorite memory you can share about the holidays?  Please share, either by text/e-mail or send in a short video detailing your favorite thing about Christmas and the holidays. (Obviously, keep it clean and appropriate.  
Also please note, names will be included on the broadcast.)  In late December, all submissions will be televised on a special broadcast or bulletin board. Let’s make this holiday season a little more special.  Email your submissions to: or drop off an mpg or other video on a disk or thumb drive on our door pocket at town hall.  

TV7 changed over a year ago and we are no longer just meetings and bulletin boards over and over again with boring elevator music.  Last October our format changed and we began showing actual community programs.  We have actual music.  The shows range from children's shows to those geared toward the lifestyles of the more experienced of our community, and everything in between.  Although the programs have been recorded and produced by other communities throughout the country, they are still very entertaining and important in that it shows the possibilities and ideas of what we can do.  Please join us on the Windham, Maine website ( to review what we currently have available.  

We are located on channel 121.3 on Time Warner here in Windham, or you can also watch streaming on our website!  The new quarter is coming and new programming is going to be added in January.  If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please email me at  Come on and see what we've got going on.  You may like what you see.

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