December 26, 2014

US Cellular brings cheer with free breakfast - By Michelle Libby

Last Friday, Dunkin Donuts customers were pleasantly surprised when US Cellular Wireless World in Windham picked up the tab for their breakfasts. 

Owners of US Cellular Wireless World, Greg Gagnon and Troy Pfeiffer, loaded up a gift card with $200 and bought food and coffee for all who stopped by the North Windham Dunkin Donuts late Friday morning. 

In addition to breakfast, the customers were given a business card and a coupon for waived activation and waived device activation fees. 

“We’re spreading the goodness and the thanks,” said US Cellular employee Rob Donato, who has worked for the company on and off since 2004. 

“I’m a US Cellular customer. I was going to talk to them before the holidays for expanding my plan,” said Bobbie Olsen from Hartford, Maine, who was given her breakfast. 

Aleta Joy of Bowdoin, was getting married on Saturday, she stopped in to get coffee before doing some shopping and get her nails done. “It’s very Christmas spirit. It makes me think better of US Cellular.”
The store manager of Dunkin Donuts Nathasha Hodo had given permission for US Cellular employees to be there. 

“A lot of people were having a rough morning and this brightened it. We focus on customer service and making a difference in the community,” Donato said.

They will be doing it all again on December 19.

Photo: Allyson Couture serves up breakfast paid for by US Cellular Wireless World last Friday.

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