February 28, 2015

Honors band and orchestra plays with students from 37 schools

Last week, students from Windham Middle School and Windham High School attended the District II Honors band and orchestra where they played with students from 37 different schools after only practicing for one day as a group. The follow students were recommended to audition and made it into the groups:

In the middle school orchestra was Madelynn McGary. In the high school orchestra were Kaleb Eddy and Lydia March. In the middle school band were Sam Preston, Dean Preston, Vireak Tray, Daniel Kaschub and Tim Riley. In the high school band were Maddy Shimko, Adam Poitras, Jasmin Eddy, Cora Dykens and Kris Dow. 

Instructors are Morgan Riley for the middle school band, Betty McIntyre for the high school band and Hannah Flewelling for the high school and middle school orchestra.

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