February 2, 2015

Raymond Republican committee meets to build on success

The Raymond Republican Party came together at the town broadcast studio on January 21st to celebrate recent successes and look to build on those successes in 2015. Meeting participants arrived to discuss what worked in the recent election and current events. The local party also learned how the state and county republican committees are already hard at work to stay ahead of the voting cycle. In local elections a slate of Raymond candidates was approved to serve in 2015. This group includes: Chair: Marshall Bullock; Vice Chair: Joe Bruno; Secretary: Greg Foster; Treasurer: Mike McClellan.
Next the party considered representatives to the county committee. Marshall Bullock, as Raymond Republican chair is automatically a voting Cumberland County committee member. Greg Foster and Karen Lockwood each were voted to also represent Raymond. Raymond State Representatives Mike McClellan (Maine House 66) and Susan Austin (Maine House 67) get county votes given their state elected roles.

Republicans uphold public service as both an honor and privilege. We believe in limited government and understand that citizens should not be subject to unreasonable taxes. They expect their elected individuals to display professionalism and accountability for all boards, commissions, and committees.
The Raymond Republican Party welcomes your involvement. To learn more about our principals, our efforts or to get communications from the party, contact Raymond Republican Party at Raymondrepublicans@gmail.com.

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