October 6, 2015

Windham Planning Board discusses new developments - By Andrea Turner

The Windham Planning Board met on Monday, September 28th to discuss the ongoing topic of new housing and business developments in the town. 
Majestic Woods Subdivision
-       Majestic Woods is a 13 lot subdivision on 62 acre property on the corner of Chute Road and Swett Road. 

-       Phase One of the subdivision was for seven lots along Chute Road, and Phase Two was for the remaining five lots on Swett Road. 

-       Shoreland Development, LLC is the owner of this property. 

-       This was approved by the planning board on January 27, 2014, and they will continue to grant final approval of these housing developments in necessary phases. 

Smith Road Condominiums
-       These condominiums originally appeared as a sketch-plan on August 10, 2015.
-       This proposal is to develop six duplex-type condominium buildings and two residential housing lots on five acres of land at 251 Tandberg Trail. 

-       Access to the newest development would be on Smith Road. 

-       Since August 10th, the layout for the entrance to this development has been changed to the “approved Mayberry 5 unit Multiplex on Smith Road”.

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