February 5, 2016

Raymond's new lieutenants bring experience and professionalism to Raymond Rife and Rescue - By Michelle Libby

At the beginning of 2016 Raymond Fire and Rescue Department promoted two of their own on call force members to the position of lieutenant. Michael Hughes and Scott Mildrum will have different roles within the department capitalizing on their individual strengths. 
“They have great leadership qualities, both of them,” said Chief Bruce Tupper. “Leaders lead people. They set examples and people learn from them.” 
George Tanguay swears in Michael Hughes.

Hughes has a background as a sergeant in the Army, but not a ton of fire experience, according to Tupper. 

Hughes retired from the Army in 2006, where he was a first sergeant engineer working as a drill sergeant. He joined the fire service after he retired primarily for the comradery. “I like being on a team like that and I wanted to continue to serve in some way,” he said. Applying for the lieutenant’s position gave him the “opportunity to continue to engage my leadership skills I learned in the military to serve the public safety team I work with,” he said. “The comradery, being around these types of people attracts me the most.” 

“Michael's career with Raymond Fire Rescue began in 2010 when due to work commitments he split his time between Raymond and Hebron Fire Department. Mike's years of military experience, and his career leadership positions have built skills he needs to successfully fulfill his new role with the Raymond Fire Department,” said Tupper. .

He feels his organization skills and professionalism give him diverse attributes he will use to help better the department. “I bring mostly leadership qualities with an emphasis on command environment,” he said.  Hughes lives in Raymond. 

George Tanguay swears in Scott Mildrum.
Mildrum is a fulltime firefighter with Lewiston Fire Department. He did his training at Windham Fire Department where he stayed for 11 or 12 years, he said. 

“I got into it in high school and got addicted to the adrenaline rush,” Mildrum said. “I never knew what was going to happen.” 

He sees his role “To help mentor and lead the younger generation coming into this. Now I’m stepping into the role where I help them learn more and more about fire service.” 

He sees that his experience and the fulltime work give him a different view point on how to handle situations. “I live and breathe this over 40 hours a week,” he added. Mildrum lives on Little Sebago off Route 85 in Raymond. 

“Scott has been an active member of Raymond Fire Rescue since 2014, he demonstrates mentoring skills, tactical abilities, and a get it done attitude required to be successful,” said Tupper. “He has hands on field experience. He’s excited and active.” 

The way fire departments run primarily now is with call in firefighters who have other jobs. Hughes works at UNUM, while Mildrum works in Lewiston and still works part time in Windham as well as Raymond.     

Mildrum and Hughes sent in letter of intent, were interviewed and had background and reference checks. They began their new positions on January 1.

The department has 22 on the call force, three full time employees, two people split one position, the administrative assistant and Chief Tupper.

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